What Is Halal

Halal is an Arabic word meaning lawful or permitted. The opposite of halal is haram, which means unlawful or prohibited.


The term covers and designates not only food and drink but also all matters of daily life.[1] It is one of five الأحكام الخمسة (al-ahkam al-khamsah)fard (compulsory), mustahabb (recommended), halal (allowed), makruh(disliked), haram (forbidden)—that define the morality of human action in Islam.[2]Mubah is also used to mean "permissible" or "allowed" in Islam.



Question:  Does the money from halal taxation go towards terrorism?

Answer :   Yes - See Here

This is why non-muslims must campaign for and marginalise halal products in the shops and supermarkets of our towns and cities. Every pound/dollar spent on a halal taxed product generates a percentage which is automatically routed to terrorist organisations.

Although halal taxation covers a wide spectrum of goods and services the public are probably most aware of the controversy and debate surrounding halal meat products.

Livestock in the UK and the west are slaughtered under very strict and humane conditions. Guidance on animal welfare for slaughterhouses is regulated by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and the guidlines for animal slaughter can be found here 

Exceptions are made for religious reasons which some consider to be not only cruel and painfull to the animals but also outdated and unnecessary.

One major campaign raising awareness of halal slaughter in the social media arena is the Boycott Halal Campaign on facebook which currently has over 80,000 supporters.

You can click here to join the BH Group on Facebook


>HALAL Slaughter<
...simply say "NO"!!!

1. Halal Slaughter:
Note: Graphic Content: 

2. Know Halal and it's Certification:

3. Halal Funds Terror via Zakat - 12 links


5. Halal Food Sales Supporting Terrorism

6. Muslim Brotherhood nets halal tax revenues

7. Halal Funds Terrorists

8. Global halal markets worth US$1 trillionGlobal halal markets worth US$1 trillion

9. Dhabihah: method of slaughter
Dhabīḥah (ذَبِيْحَة) is the prescribed method of slaughter for all meat sources, excluding fish and other sea-life, per Islamic law. 
This method of slaughtering animals consists of using a well-sharpened knife to make a swift, deep incision that cuts the front of the throat, the carotid artery, windpipe, and jugular veins.
The head of an animal that is slaughtered using halal methods is aligned with the qiblah [*direction of Mecca]. 
In addition to the direction, permitted animals should be slaughtered upon utterance of the Islamic prayer 'Bismillah' 
"in the name of God."
*The Concious Animal is left to bleed out with it's throat cut, feeling horrendous pain, panic and distress.
Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halal



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The existence of "no-go zones" in predominantly Muslim areas in Europe has been a major topic of conversation since the latest Paris massacre on Nov. 13, primarily due to the assailants' many connections toMolenbeek, a heavily Muslim district of Brussels. This discussion brings to mind my visit to a drug- and crime-infested slum of 7,000 inhabitants inMarseilles, France, on Jan. 29, to see the situation for myself.

by Daniel Pipes
The Daily Caller
December 2, 2015


A street scene in one of the heavily Muslim areas of Brussels, taken as I walked solo through the neighborhood.

I entered the housing complex in an unmarked but recognizable city-owned car driven by a city employee who had been tasked with showing me around. Unfortunately, being mostly a paper-pusher and not experienced in the field, he got spooked and abruptly turned around to leave, raising suspicions among the drug dealers around us, who proceeded to set off the alarm.

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MIGRANTS settled in eastern Europe under an EU scheme have complained that their new home is not a "dream destination", sparking fears of an exodus to wealthier parts of the continent - including the UK.

refugee 623131

Latvia, which has a population of roughly two million, is gearing up to accept hundreds of refugees as part of a quota agreed by diplomats in Brussels.

But those who have arrived in the tiny Baltic state say the cold weather, lack of generous state handouts and relatively low number of fellow migrants who speak the same language have combined to make their experience of life in Europe thoroughly miserable.

One refugee worker told German newspaper Die Welt: "The refugees from southern countries tell us openly: Latvia is not our dream destination, we happened here, it was up to the smugglers."

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Article By Ingrid Carlqvist via The Gatestone Institute,




Ingrid On Wikipedia


  • The Swedes see the welfare systems failing them. Swedes have had to get used to the government prioritizing refugees and migrants above native Swedes.

  • "There are no apartments, no jobs, we don't dare go shopping anymore [without a gun], but we're supposed to think everything's great. ... Women and girls are raped by these non-European men, who come here claiming they are unaccompanied children, even though they are grown men. ... You Cabinet Ministers live in your fancy residential neighborhoods, with only Swedish neighbors. It should be obligatory for all politicians to live for at least three months in an area consisting mostly of immigrants... [and] have to use public transport." -- Laila, to the Prime Minister.

  • "Instead of torchlight processions against racism, we need a Prime Minister who speaks out against the violence... Unite everyone. ... Do not make it a racism thing." -- Anders, to the Prime Minister.

  • "In all honesty, I don't even feel they [government ministers] see the problems... There is no one in those meetings who can tell them what real life looks like." – Laila, on the response she received from the government.

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EU leaders agree to give Turkey £2.1billion to help tackle the migrant crisis and tighten security at its borders

2ED47F8400000578 0 image a 1 1448821019695

EU leaders are set to hand Turkey 3billion euros in return for tightening its border security and clamping down on the flow of migrants into Europe.


Turkey is also being offered an easing of visa restrictions as part of the deal which would see Ankara taking back some migrants who don't qualify for asylum in Europe.


The country's Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu called the summit in Brussels today a 'new beginning' for relations with the EU.

Full Story Here 

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14.000 asylsøkere sporløst forsvunnet i Sverige

Av 22.000 asylsøkere som skal tvangsutsendes fra Sverige, er 14.000 etterlyst av det svenske politiet.

Svenske politi sjekker asylsøkere som står som sild i tønne i ei trapp. Over 22.000 asylsøkere har fått avslag på søknaden sin i Sverige, men politiet ved ikke hvor over 14.000 av disse befinner seg.


Ved utgangen av oktober hadde det svenske politiet i oppdrag å gjennomføre utsendelse av 21.758 personer. Av disser er 14.140 etterlyst og registrert som forsvunnet. De resterende 7.608 bor i det svenske Migrationsverkets lokaler, er i forvaring eller i egen bopel.

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Poland named as enemy of Islamic State in new film

ISIS 620334

Poland has been listed as one of sixty countries 'in the global coalition against the Islamic State', in a new promotional film released by the militant group. 

The four-minute film, which is narrated by a man with an American accent, was produced by the Alhayat Media Center, the media wing of the so-called Islamic State. (see video below)

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ISLAMIC State (ISIS) jihadis planning on attacking the West have been warned they will be hunted down and killed by mobsters from the MAFIA.

mafia 621552

Gangland bosses have reportedly reassured local communities that they will take out any extremists plotting terrorist atrocities. 

The revelation comes after ISIS fanatics went on the rampage in Paris, attacking bars and a concert hall and slaughtering 130 innocent people. 

In the aftermath of the atrocity mobsters in the US city of New York have apparently reassured their communities that they will work to stop such an attack happening on their own streets. 

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Danmark trekker tilbake løfte om å ta imot 1000 asyl­sø­kere


 EU-KVOTER: – Regjeringens løfte om å ta imot 1000 asylsøkere fra andre EU-land, gjelder ikke lenger, er budskapet fra statsminister Lars Løkke Rasmussen på landsmøtet i det danske partiet Venstre i helgen. Foto: Henrik Bjerregrav / Venstre

Danmark påtok seg å ta imot 1000 av de 160.000 asylsøkerne EU i september vedtok å omplassere fra Hellas i Italia. Lørdag fortalte statsminister Lars Løkke Rasmussen at det ikke lenger er aktuelt.


– Forutsetningen for at de skulle fordeles, var jo at Hellas og Italia  hadde styr på det, og det har de ikke. Så man kan si, at de har fordelt seg selv sa statsminister Lars Løkke Rasmussen ifølge Danmarks Radio.

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Saint-Denis Paris attacks raid: Head of France’s elite anti-terrorist force says he saw bomber's severed head 'fly out the window' during intense battle

11 Saint Denis EPA

Jean-Michel Fauvergue spoke after the shootout that led to the death of the suspected mastermind of the Paris attacks
The head of France’s elite anti-terrorist force Raid has spoken of a battle against terrorists in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis that was so bloody that at one point his officers saw a suicide bomber’s head “fly through the window and land on the other side of the street”.
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