What Is Halal

Halal is an Arabic word meaning lawful or permitted. The opposite of halal is haram, which means unlawful or prohibited.


The term covers and designates not only food and drink but also all matters of daily life.[1] It is one of five الأحكام الخمسة (al-ahkam al-khamsah)fard (compulsory), mustahabb (recommended), halal (allowed), makruh(disliked), haram (forbidden)—that define the morality of human action in Islam.[2]Mubah is also used to mean "permissible" or "allowed" in Islam.



Question:  Does the money from halal taxation go towards terrorism?

Answer :   Yes - See Here

This is why non-muslims must campaign for and marginalise halal products in the shops and supermarkets of our towns and cities. Every pound/dollar spent on a halal taxed product generates a percentage which is automatically routed to terrorist organisations.

Although halal taxation covers a wide spectrum of goods and services the public are probably most aware of the controversy and debate surrounding halal meat products.

Livestock in the UK and the west are slaughtered under very strict and humane conditions. Guidance on animal welfare for slaughterhouses is regulated by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and the guidlines for animal slaughter can be found here 

Exceptions are made for religious reasons which some consider to be not only cruel and painfull to the animals but also outdated and unnecessary.

One major campaign raising awareness of halal slaughter in the social media arena is the Boycott Halal Campaign on facebook which currently has over 80,000 supporters.

You can click here to join the BH Group on Facebook


>HALAL Slaughter<
...simply say "NO"!!!

1. Halal Slaughter:
Note: Graphic Content: 

2. Know Halal and it's Certification:

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8. Global halal markets worth US$1 trillionGlobal halal markets worth US$1 trillion

9. Dhabihah: method of slaughter
Dhabīḥah (ذَبِيْحَة) is the prescribed method of slaughter for all meat sources, excluding fish and other sea-life, per Islamic law. 
This method of slaughtering animals consists of using a well-sharpened knife to make a swift, deep incision that cuts the front of the throat, the carotid artery, windpipe, and jugular veins.
The head of an animal that is slaughtered using halal methods is aligned with the qiblah [*direction of Mecca]. 
In addition to the direction, permitted animals should be slaughtered upon utterance of the Islamic prayer 'Bismillah' 
"in the name of God."
*The Concious Animal is left to bleed out with it's throat cut, feeling horrendous pain, panic and distress.
Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halal



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This is in accord with the Muslim belief that anytime a sexual sin, crime, or indiscretion is committed, it is the woman’s fault.

This is why Islamic law mandates that women must cover everything except their face and hands, and some cover their faces as well: if a man attacks a woman, it is the woman’s fault for enticing him, and she will be punished.

Mohammed Akram Khan

“Hyderabad man accused of sexually assaulting four-year-old girl blames the child for the crime,” by Sakshi Khanna, IBN Live, December 18, 2015:

Hyderabad: A 46-year-old Hyderabad man accused of sexually assaulting a four-year-old girl in his home has blamed the child for the crime. The sexual predator, who has been arrested and identified as Mohammad Akram Khan, claims that the girl had approached him and came close to him.

But later he said that he had made a mistake and should be pardoned. The incident caught on CCTV camera installed in his house came to light after a technician was taking a backup of the the footage and saw the horrific act and informed the police about it.

The police filed a suo moto case after observing the CCTV footage and arrested the accused Mohammad Akram Khan.

The accused used to sexually abuse the four-year-old girl at his residence situated at Chunne ki Bati, Jahnuma….



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Sharia courts should be prevented from presiding over divorces and other family matters, and the Government should stop them from becoming an alternative legal system, campaigners will warn this week.

The calls to act against the controversial courts are being made in a letter signed by more than 150 organisations and individuals which will be delivered to the Prime Minister on Thursday.

This comes after The Independent revealed how sharia courts are keeping women in “marital captivity” and failing to properly report domestic violence.

Among the signatories to the letter are the Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation; the Quilliam Foundation; the philosopher AC Grayling; and the National Secular Society.

“Successive governments have appeased undemocratic religious power brokers in minority communities who have sought to gain power through multicultural and now multi-faith social policies,” says the letter.

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Planlagt asylmottak i Hordaland nedbrent
Fredag ble Hotell Lune Huler i Lindås kommune nord for Bergen godkjent som midlertidig asylmottak. Natt til søndag brant hotellet ned til grunnen.

Det er fortsatt ikke kjent hva som førte til at hotellet på Vågseidet i Lindås brant ned. Ifølge lokalavisen Strilen ble det fredag denne uken kjent at hotellet skulle huse inntil 40 enslige, mindreårige asylsøkere fra nyttår.

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220px LarsGule

Lars Gule On Wiki 

  • Lars Gule, a researcher on extremism and Islam, told broadcaster NRK that one way Norwegians could contribute to the integration of people from foreign countries would be to pay more attention to the fact that many Muslims don’t drink alcohol. 
“Food habits and customs surrounding alcohol can create barriers. Many [Muslims] would never even set foot in a bar because it is a place that serves alcohol,” Gule said. 
As Norwegians enter Christmas party season, Gule suggested that workplaces that have foreign employees should consider making the events void of schnapps, wine and beer.
“Maybe one should think about having an alcohol-free Christmas table or serving alcohol-free beer on payday. You could also go out and drink coffee or a soda or eat something instead of drinking all the time,” Gule said. 
He added that showing respect for non-drinkers was simply a smart thing to do and stressed that Norwegian drinking culture “is not the norm in many countries, and that doesn’t just include the Muslim countries”. 
“If those who don’t drink get invited to alcohol-free meetings, where they won’t feel pressured to go along with things that are contrary to their traditions or religious believes, it could mean that the next time around they would be more willing to participate in things that they might be initially very sceptical of,” Gule said. 
Per Sandberg, a spokesman for the anti-immigration Progress Party, made it clear that he had no interest in taking up Gule’s suggestion.
“Gule can just invite everyone he’d like to an alcohol-free Christmas party. In the Progress party, we have no plans of carrying that out,” he told NRK. 
NDL Editor Comment:   Lars Gule is a former terrorist, he was arrested in Beirut with explosives in his luggage.  Gule has explained that the DFLP proposed three targets for him: a bomb could be placed either be in a pedestrian underpass in Tel Aviv, in the President Hotel in Jerusalem or outside an apartment complex with gas containers outside in what was called a “bourgeois neighbourhood”
He is paid by the Norwegian Government for his "services"
In our opinion Lars Gule is a common traitor to the people of Norway and shame on the Norwegian Government and media for giving him room to spread his un-patriotic dirt.
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Exclusive: Academic with unprecedented access to Islamic divorce hearings says courts fail to report domestic violence


Muslims arrive for Friday prayers at Birmingham Central Mosque, where one of Britain’s sharia courts is located Getty


Sharia courts in Britain are locking women into “marital captivity” and doing nothing to officially report domestic violence, according to an academic who gained unprecedented access to Islamic divorce hearings.

Judges at the courts “uphold the theory and practice of the strong hold men have over women”, and set out to frustrate women whose husbands do not want them to leave, according to the study seen by The Independent.

The findings, which are to be unveiled in the Houses of Parliament next month, are based on the most detailed and informed analysis of the workings of British sharia courts ever undertaken by an independent researcher.

Machteld Zee, a legal scholar at Leiden University in the Netherlands, secured extraordinary access to the secretive courts, attending 15 hours of hearings at the Islamic Sharia Council in Leyton, east London, and the Birmingham Central Mosque Sharia. She was able to scrutinise more than a dozen cases, and interview an array of sharia experts including nine qadis – Islamic judges.

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In the clip the vehicle, thought to be German, is shown with big chunks of pig flesh attached to the bumper


A British-bound truck has been hung with pork joints in a bid to deter Muslim immigrants sneaking inside.

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A new report from The New York Times joins the long list of articles that shows the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) is failing at its attempt to establish a Caliphate paradise for Muslims in Syria and Iraq.

isis1 Reuters

The Times related the story of one former civilian attemping to live under ISIS rule: a technician who stayed behind in Syria after his town was conquered. ISIS offered him his same job of pumping oil at three times the salary. The man accepted the offer, but soon realized the money was not worth it. It grew dangerous when ISIS started executing suspected spies. Then President Bashar al-Assad’s forces bombed the region, destroying their homes and work. He noted that watching the money coming in from oil “financing the jihadists” instead of schools and hospitals ultimately led him to make the dangerous voyage out of the Caliphate.

“We thought they wanted to get rid of the regime, but they turned out to be thieves,” said the technician.

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The existence of "no-go zones" in predominantly Muslim areas in Europe has been a major topic of conversation since the latest Paris massacre on Nov. 13, primarily due to the assailants' many connections toMolenbeek, a heavily Muslim district of Brussels. This discussion brings to mind my visit to a drug- and crime-infested slum of 7,000 inhabitants inMarseilles, France, on Jan. 29, to see the situation for myself.

by Daniel Pipes
The Daily Caller
December 2, 2015


A street scene in one of the heavily Muslim areas of Brussels, taken as I walked solo through the neighborhood.

I entered the housing complex in an unmarked but recognizable city-owned car driven by a city employee who had been tasked with showing me around. Unfortunately, being mostly a paper-pusher and not experienced in the field, he got spooked and abruptly turned around to leave, raising suspicions among the drug dealers around us, who proceeded to set off the alarm.

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Video footage of Muslim missionaries preaching and converting Africans in the Christian-majority states of Malawi and Uganda, show the Islamic leaders teaching the people to “bear witness” that Allah is god, his messenger is Muhammed, and “Jesus is the slave of Allah and his Messenger.”

Many of the people repeating the Islamic instructions are young but there are also many middle-aged and older people and, in one case, an apparently former Christian teen who is ordered to tear a crucifix from around his neck and “bear witness” to Allah.

The videos of the conversion sessions were posted online between July and November 2015, and the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) translated them and reposted them on their website.

In one clip from October, Sheikh Wahid Abd Al-Salam Bali tells the young people gathered to repeat after him: “There is no god but Allah. And I bear witness that Muhammed is the Messenger of Allah. And I bear witness that Jesus is the slave of Allah and his Messenger.”

“Say, ‘Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar!’” says Sheik Wahid. “Say, ‘Allah Akbar!’ Say, ‘Allah Akbar!’ Say, ‘Allah Akbar!’”





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