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The children of asylum accommodation near Höganäs do not gain weight as they should.

It has now made that a nutritionist has sounded the alarm - and the municipality has made an inspection.

The dietician has filed orosanmälan because the children of asylum accommodation near Höganäs, in northwest Skåne, do not follow the growth curve that they should follow.

P4 Malmöhus reports that there also previously been signals from the accommodation that everything is not right when it comes to diet.

P4 Malmöhus interviewed Peter Schölander (M), Chairman of the Social Welfare Board of Höganäs Municipality, which says that the alarm from the dietician is the first formal orosanmälan received.
They are responsible for the children of asylum accommodation

The Swedish Migration Board is responsible for housing, said Schölander, but it is the municipality that is responsible for the children.

Swedish refugee kids where are they large

- I know what you get paid to run the business, and I'm sure that there is money for nutritious diet, says Schölander to P4 Malmo Castle.

The municipality has acted after orosanmälan and just before the Easter weekend was an inspection. What specifically will be done, however, not yet clear.

- I still do not know what you came up with and what steps you can take. It could be to move children or anything else, but it may be the profession to decide, says Schölander.

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