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Australian 'military advisers' hit with mustard gas from Islamic State terrorists during operation with Iraqi soldiers in Mosul

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Published: 19/04/2017


  • Australian military advisers have reportedly been hit by an ISIS gas attack in Iraq
  • The advisers were working in Mosul when they came under fire by ISIS forces
  • They are believed to have been hit with mustard gas and 25 people were injured
  • Six soldiers are believed to have had breathing problems after Sunday's attack  

Australian military advisers have reportedly been hit by an Islamic State gas attack in Iraq.

On Sunday, the advisers were working in a unit in Mosul when ISIS forces launched the chemical attack and are believed to have used a type of mustard gas.

No Australians were injured in the attack, but six soldiers suffered breathing problems and were treated in the field, CBS reported. 

A further 25 Iraqis required treatment following the attack.

An investigation has been launched to confirm what type of gas was used on Sunday and soldiers have been given masks to protect them in future.

The Pentagon described the chemical attack as 'low grade' and said it "further displays the desperation of ISIS as they seek to hold an untenable position in Mosul,' the ABC reported.


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