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A photo of a man hanging bacon rashers over the halal meat section has caused outrage after it was shared on a controversial Facebook group.

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The photo snapped, in what looks like a Coles supermarket, shows a man proudly giving the camera the middle finger after removing bacon from its packaging and placing it over the halal products.

The photo shared on a Facebook page called We Are One Australia-National drew immediate criticism for representing what many considered to be a "anti-Islamic statement".

"It's this type of childish behaviour that makes me ashamed of my country," one person wrote.

"I don't know why you feel the need to glorify such d***heads," another wrote in response to the image.

Another person wrote: "There is nothing patriotic about disrespecting Muslim Australians in such a vulgar, ignorant manner".

The picture has been liked more than 2,700 times. Source: Facebook

However, there was also an overwhelming show of support for the bacon-hanging "patriot".

Another comment said: "He's a legend I do it all the time".

"Nice work there patriot," one man said.

"You are a true blue Aussie legend mate, love your work," another Facebook user wrote.

Not everyone agrees with the image's apparent statement. Source: Facebook
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