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American Soldiers At Incirlik AFB In Turkey Are Under Active Siege Right Now By Erdogan, All Food, Water, And Power Has Been Cut To The Base


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While Americans are bickering about the election this November, what we predicted two weeks ago is under way right nowa repeat of the horrors of Ben Ghazi.

So far I have not received reports about the status of the soldiers, or that Incirlik AFB in Turkey has been taken over by Erdogan. However, the situation is not good and is actively worsening. This does not just come from “on the ground” Twitter reports, but from the website for Incirlik AFB itself


Above is a screenshot from the Incirlik AFB website, which has the following update: “Due to an extended loss of commercial power to the base, including food, water, and fuel were delivered to sustain missions here at Incirlik.”

Food? Water? Fuel? Electricity? An “extended loss?” This can mean only one thing, which the site is saying without saying it: Incirlik AFB is under active siege right now from the Turkish government and the US Military is covering it up.

This is very serious. Our so-called “ally” is attacking our own soldiers and yet our government is keeping them stationed there. I have not seen reports otherwise, but from I have seen there is no indication that the 1500 US military personnel currently stationed there are being withdrawn.

If any other nation in the world started attacking an American military base, it would be rightly so considered an act of war. However, the fact that Incirlik is under siege right now and nothing is being done to stop the attack, and the US Government is instead flying in provisions to sustain operations there means that the US government is participating in putting US soldiers in harm’s way with no real end goal in mind. It is, just as I feared, setting up our soldiers for a massacre that will be used to further foreign policy goals at the expense of their lives.

As a reminder, if you are an American or a Christian in Turkey, get out while you still can, because just like with Ben Ghazi, if you don’t you will be on your own.

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