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Labor's deputy Leader and former Minister Of Culture Hadia Tajik has introduced a constitutional proposal to remove the Norwegian Royal Family and introduce a Republican constitution.

Labour's deputy Hadia Tajik (32), and almost all of Labor's younger members in Parliament, will reject the Royal Family reports the newspaper VG on Thursday.

Just three years ago Tajik even sat at the King's table and was Minister of Culture. Now she is Labour's most powerful woman and leads efforts to make the party's new political platform ahead of next year's parliamentary elections.

So-called ethnic Norwegians who behave like assholes is a significantly greater problem than the law-abiding, hardworking Muslim girls and boys who want to contribute to society, says Hadia Tajik (Ap).


And Hadia Tajik has decided: The King has to go.

In all, 26 members of parliament voted in favor with Tajik as a constitutional proposal to introduce Republic in Norway when voted upon in Parliament last week. 16 of these were from the Labour Party, the voting results on the Parliament website.

Refused To Comment

VG has asked Tajik for an interview about her objective that Norway should change state to form a republic, but Labor Party deputy leader has refused to be interviewed about the case. Instead Tajik referred the press to her advisor Svein Tore Bergestuen.

"Although we have a glorious royal family, who I have great respect for, it is my opinion that the position should not be inherited. I have nothing to add beyond what fundamental standpoint I have expressed. Otherwise I do not consider this as something relevant issue for the foreseeable future. "

The "Hijab Affair"

While serving under Storberget, she was accused of being involved in the so-called hijab-affair. The incident occurred when the Department of Justice withdrew a proposal to allow female police officers to wear the hijab in the service, as a result of fierce uproar. The proposal was authored by Tajik and fellow state secretary Astri Aas-Hansen, and the final decision was allegedly made by them without consulting Storberget.

Tajik describes herself as a Muslim, although non-practicing, saying "I am a politician, who happens to be Muslim, but I am not a Muslim politician."[3]

Hadia Tajik Wikipedia

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