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Should it be allowed?

Muslim students refuse to shake hands with their teachers.


According to the newspaper «Switzerland on Sunday" a deal with several communities on this issue has been agreed, as in Basel Country and Central Switzerland. 

At the secondary Therwil BL an agreement was concluded with Muslim students, which allows them not to shake hands with their teachers.

This was debated after two students had refused to shake their class teacher's hand. The school management made this decision but has not yet explained nor confirmed with the newspaper, she could only delay comment until Monday.

In Islam under sharia law schools it say's that a man is not allowed to touch a woman who is not his wife, so shaking hands with a female teacher is forbidden. In Therwil, it is common practice that students shake hands and welcome teachers as in any civilized society.

"We do not want to return to the Middle Ages"

Disagreeing with the new rule of not shaking hands is the teachers club in Basel Country.Board member Isabella Oser is responsible for counseling and legal assistance, and has dealt with the case. "The decision by the school administration to excuse muslim students from this civil welcome is not acceptable" she says to «Switzerland on Sunday." It would involve the breaking of a tradition and a discrimination against women:

Meanwhile, the Therwiler school authorities have dodged the issue. The Baselbieter Bildungsdirektion should specify how to deal with handshake issue.

A similar case has been reported in Muttenz BL.

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