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Police are investigating the possibility a fourth bomber was involved in the Brussels attacks.

4thbomberReports today suggest one of the El Bakraoui brothers initially believed to have blown himself up at Brussels Airport was actually the suicide attacker who struck at the Metro station.
That raises the possibility that one of the suspects seen on airport CCTV moments before the blasts is an, as-yet, unidentified militant.

That man, seen on the left of three jihadis pushing their trolleys through the check-in area, was this morning reported to be Khalid El Bakraoui.

But now Belgian broadcaster RTBF claims he died at the subway station, where sources say he may have detonated two devices almost simultaneously, killing 20 commuters.
The development came as police today identified two new suspects wanted over the attacks.
Investigators are desperate to track down Mohamed Abrini for his possible involvement in the mass slaughter in the Belgium capital on Tuesday.

'Abrini is believed to be on the run with one or two other men,' a spokesman for Belgium Federal Police said.
Detectives are also searching for a 22-year-old Belgium man of Turkish origin who had been under surveillance by anti-terrorist police.

He has been linked to a black Audi S4 seen driving away from Brussels Airport at high speed just after the two deadly explosions on Tuesday morning.

Witnesses told police there were three people in the car and gave investigators the number plate.
The owner is understood to be a Belgium citizen of Turkish origin who has been under surveillance by the anti-terrorist police.

He recently travelled to Saudi Arabia with four other men.
Abrini, 30, was photographed in a black Renault Clio at a petrol in Ressons, north of Paris, two days before the terrorist attacks in November last year.
In its lunchtime edition the Flemish language newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws ran the headline: 'Was the driver of Salah Abdeslam involved in [the Brussels] attacks?
Abrini was travelling with Salah Abdeslam and Brahim Abdeslam, who took part in the carnage.


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