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AN Algerian migrant who shouted “Inshallah - if Allah wills it” as he raped a German student, has been jailed for eight years.

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The horrific incident, which nearly killed the victim, took place in a dark alley as she walked home from a disco in Hannover at 5am.

Afterwards, the sex attacker, 37, asked his victim if she had enjoyed it.

Despite having blood on his clothes and being identified by the woman, the Algerian man kept denying the attack.

The woman said the assault was the worst moment of her life.

She told the court: "He asked me in broken German if I had the time.

"Before I could reply he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me down an alleyway. He told me 'I need sex'.

"I opened my mouth to scream but he put his hand over my mouth. I had a pepper spray, and I tried to spray it at him but he grabbed it off me and used it on me instead.

"Then he threw me to the ground and tried to pull off my trousers but he couldn't do it. Then he started screaming at me to get undressed."

When she tried to scream again, the man began to beat her in the face and sprayed her again with the pepper spray.

The attacker banged her head on the ground until she was almost unconscious.

She said: “He put his hand over my mouth and closed my nose, and I thought I was going to suffocate.

“I then indicated to him that I had given in and would do what he wanted if he let me breathe.”

She continued: “Afterwards he asked me if it was good, and if I had enjoyed it. I never would have thought something like that could happen to me. I just couldn't comprehend it.”

Judge Stefan Luecke said: “The DNA evidence played a key role in this case. But if that was not enough, the woman had also without any shadow of doubt clearly identified the man as being her attacker.”

The attacker has continued to deny rape.


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