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An Asylum centre in Bodo (Norway) have sent a concern letter to the government that asylum seekers with protection needs go on vacation to their homeland after having been granted a residence. 


Beate Klette from Bodo reception center wrote concern letter to the justice minister.
Avisa Nordland

"How dangerous is it really in their home country that makes one eligible for stays when only a few months they can return there on vacation?" Writes return advisor Beate Klette from Bodo Reception Centre in a concern letter to Justice Minister Anders Anundsen (FRP). 

Directorate of Immigration (UDI) states that there is no exit checks in Norway and that this therefore is a topic UDI know very little about.

- We also know that a number of trips by asylum seekers to neighboring countries then takes them to their homeland from there, but these are things we are not able to control, said Deputy Director Tone Loger Tveter in UDI's asylum department.

She says that people who have been granted asylum with protection needs, basically are committed to not return to the country where they claim they are being persecuted.

UDI can revoke residence permits and asylum status in such cases.

- I expect that it will be our task to investigate further. This is a scheme that is meant for people who have a genuine need for protection, and then undermines one asylum system if you travel back to their home country immediately after they have been granted, said Tveter.

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