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As it turns out, some of the people involved in the Soldiers of Odin in Norway, are also some of the the most dangerous the country has to offer.


Groups like these attract all kinds of people, with different backgrounds, including criminals and highly dangerous people. It's inevitable.

But at the same time you have to ask yourself. If you were a Soldier of Odin and ended up in a fight, who would you rather have beside you, a skilled fighter or Sheldon Cooper?

And to the Islamists, who are now mobilizing and planning to patrol the streets themselves, this spells serious trouble. Because having to face men who can royally kick their ass, has to be more intimidating than meeting an electrician who has his best fighting skills on PlayStation.

Here the Norwegian-Russian 29-year-old is posing before he participated in the war in Ukraine.

Two weeks ago he patrolled the streets for the Soldiers of Odin in Tønsberg.

In 2014 Yan Petrovskiy (29) participated in the fighting around Luhansk and Donetsk for pro-Russian militia, according to himself. In different pictures, which he has published on social media, he poses with automatic weapons and Norwegian flags.

In one of the pictures he stands in front of the burning body of a Ukrainian militia soldier, after an attack on a paramilitary convoy in September 2014.

- We are best known for an ambush on the voluntary Ukrainian battalion Aidar, between the towns Metallist and Schastia. My platoon took no prisoners from the Aidar battalion during the battle. We took no prisoners from volunteer battalions, only from regular forces. The Ukrainian side lost 35 soldiers and about ten were injured in the battle, while on our side, only two were slightly bruised. It is the biggest loss in a single battle the Ukrainian forces have had since the Second World War, says Petrovskiy, in an interview with the Norwegian website

The newspaper VG, is told that several of the persons involved in the Soldiers of Odin, is known by the Police Security Service (PST).

Also the police in Tønsberg has registered offenders in the environment.

- As we have said earlier, there are several people who are involved in criminality in the group, says police chief, Øystein Holt.


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