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A DESPERATE European country is closing off its railway border crossings to halt the growing influx of migrants.

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As European Union chiefs continue to struggle with the migrant crisis, Hungary is shutting down three railway border crossings with Croatia.

The Hungarian Interior Minister said his country needed to prevent migrants from crossing their borders.

Sandor Pinter said the move was sparked by Croatian authorities sending a trainload of people toward Hungary under police escort.

Hungary's move comes as Austria raised the prospect of even tighter limits on the number of asylum seekers.


Austria is now allowing a maximum 80 people a day to apply for asylum at its southern border points.

Austrian Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner indicated that the cap could be tightened further.

She said: "We will subsequently have to reduce the daily upper limits further."

The call for tighter limits comes despite the Brussels summit agreeing to meet in early March with Turkey to find a resolution to the crisis.



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