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In less than 24 hours, two jihadist media campaigns against Spain have shaken Internet channels related to the Daesh/ISIS, after months without threats against the country.

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Coinciding with the attack in London, the propagandists of the self-styled Islamic State have launched a first media offensive in social networks with which they try to mobilize their 'solitary wolves' in seven countries, including Spain.

According to documents accessed by the Intelligence and Security Consultancy (AICS), a specialist in the follow-up of fundamentalist groups, Islamic State "media channels" have published a poster showing a drawing of a hand With a pistol accompanied by an English text that reads: "The wolf, an IS soldier where are you." At the bottom of this text are eight flags: the Spanish, accompanied by the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium and the European Union.

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AICS reports are clear: "This is the first time that Spain is included in the list of countries considered as a direct objective, since until now the mentions that have been made in this regard had always been related to historical claims (al-Andalus ) ".

Intelligence analysts recall that the other six countries that are represented with their flags (in addition to the EU), have been attacked by "part of elements directly or indirectly linked to the Islamic State." "Only in the case of Spain, this unfortunate fact is not confirmed." "This is why it is considered that Spain could be considered by certain Islamist environments to have the same level of objective to beat as the rest of the countries represented," says AICS.

This same intelligence consultancy launched on Monday a security alert, which has been accessed by this newspaper, in which it warned of a "new campaign against the security forces of Spain" by jihadist elements in The network and in particular against female police officers. This second campaign consists of the distribution in radical channels of "photographs that denounce the alleged vexatious treatment of Islamist women detained in Spain." With an image of an alleged Islamic State sympathizer escorted by two National Police officers, A text that refers to the degree of abandonment these women suffer from the Spanish authorities.

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