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In what is now become an all too familiar pattern, a dozen Muslims have been arrested in the wake of The horrific the vehicular slaughter and knife jihad in London last night.

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It mirrors the 15 arrests in the wake of the mass child killing and a pop concert in Manchester just two weeks ago. Like Berlin, Nice, Paris etc. there are no lone wolves in the global jihad.

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There are no ‘lone wolves’ in the global jihad. And it has no borders, no nationality, young, old, rich, poor, educated, illiterate, black, white… matter. It is one thing and one thing only……Islam. Lonewolf is an absurd term, as ludicrous as the left’s denial of reality. The human toll, the bodies strewn on sidewalk, the cut throats are the consequences of that denial.

And nothing will change. If the torn, dismembered bodies of little girls at an Ariana Grande concert  was not a game-changer, then nothing will moved the conquered and the unmovable. Not only do we, the victims, have to clean up the flesh and bone and blood running down the pavement, we must subject ourselves to endless dawah (proselytizing) for Islam on mind-numbing news shows on the BBC, CNN, MSNBC and the like. FOX is lost. This morning Fox and Friends had on liar and deceiver Mubin Shaikh,  He said “we must never equate Islam and terrorism.” The hosts nodded gravely. There is nowhere on TV you can get reality. Online is last last frontier for truth and free speech and the left is going after that as well, enforcing the blasphemy laws under the sharia. Facebook has blocked my content from close one million followers.

Teddy bears, candlelight vigils and hashtags will not defeat jihad. Submission is surrender, it’s not a strategy.

Pamela Geller

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