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Finnish parents allow their teenage daughters to maintain relations with adult Muslim immigrants

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In Finland, the parents of white and Christian teenagers, often less than 10 years of age, do not seem to care that their daughters have social networks alongside Muslim immigrants, who in many cases triple their age.

We have rescued the images that appear in Instagram and Facebook, some made in broad daylight. They have been taken in the Finnish city of Saarijärvi and they see adult immigrants, mostly of Arab and sub-Saharan origin, posing boastfully with Finnish teenagers and even girls. They maintain a defiant pose perhaps because they know that in a society as inoculated with the liberality virus as the Finnish, nobody will face them. Not even the parents. "Your daughters belong to us," seems to be inferred by the tenor of the arrogant expressions, typical of those who know the future of Finland. Another 'gesta' to thank the Normandy landers.

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Along with the photos, messages such as "Beautiful", "My baby" and "I love you. We wonder why the adults in the photos and the parents of the children have not been arrested. For throwing some coins to Romanian beggars in the Puerta del Sol of Madrid, the European media roared against a group of Dutch fans of the PSV. Why, however, are such scandalous news like this one in Finland no legal answers or echo in the country's press? Naturally, no feminist organization or the authorities responsible for the rights of the child have spoken on this issue.

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Discovering the unusual images, a Finnish citizen searched and located the parents of some of the minors to inform them. Far from worrying, most parents, looking at the photos, exculpated Muslim adults. Also, a Finnish digital medium contacted the family of one of the minors. This was his response: "They are just friends, it is normal for adults to love being with beautiful girls and praise them. In Finland it is normal behavior. " What he did not say is whether a Finn of origin would be allowed to pose in such a way with some minor of Muslim religion.

The mother of another of the girls also sees "quite normal" this type of relationships with adult males of other cultures. According to the website, the mother works in an immigrant camp and says that she and her husband "are trying to teach our children to be more tolerant and to accept multiculturalism."

The revelation of the photos on the internet, thanks to local patriotic groups, has not, however, served to provoke any kind of social alarm in Finnish society. Some even excused adults on the grounds that, "after all, they are innocent refugees from violent and war-torn countries who do not know how to act in our societies." They remind us of the flock of preacher Jim Jones being dragged to suicide in Jonestown (Guyana).  Read The Full Story HERE


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