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A 19 year-old Iraqi immigrant was arrested of suspicion of raping a child at a daycare in Sweden.

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Swedish Police have arrested a 19-year-old immigrant from Iraq on suspicion of raping one of the children at a nursery school in the municipality of Lindesberg, where the man was temporarily employed. The alleged sexual assault took place on April 18.

According to Fria Tider, police detained the man last Friday. That same day, parents were invited to an emergency meeting that was held at the school last Monday night. Parents were informed of the case during a press conference.

Apparently, the migrant had been working at the school for more than three months, after previously being employed at three other Swedish preschools. It is yet unknown if there have been other victims.

In court, where hearings were held behind closed doors, the suspected paedophile denied the allegations. The minimum penalty for child rape in Sweden is two years in jail.  Source

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