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The Polish interior ministry has said the country is considering creating a “container village” camps for asylum seekers, taking inspiration from the Hungarian government’s policy.

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Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Błaszczak discussed the proposal during an interview with Radio ZET, saying the government was looking into setting up the camps in preparation for a possible emergency migrant situation.

He added it was conceivable that Poland could be flooded with migrants in the near future, newspaper Dziennik Gazeta Prawnareports

Błaszczak noted that “such camps are, for example, in Germany”. He cited German Chancellor Angela Merkel who said there were too many asylum seekers in cities. “In this regard, they are politely arguing that they wish to move them to the countryside,” the interior minister said.

He noted the recent fire at the Grande-Synthe migrant camp in Dunkirk as a reason to have guards present at migrant camps.

Błaszczak was asked whether it was true Muslims would have no chance of claiming asylum in Poland. “Yes it is, but we care about safety. We are aware that the migrant crisis is a fact, and that the crisis intensifies the evil that is happening in Western Europe and thus is conducive to terrorist attacks.”  Full Story

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