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Seven people are being held by police in Sweden following a truck attack that left four people dead and another 15 injured.

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A hijacked beer delivery lorry ploughed into pedestrians in Stockholm on Friday (7 April), after driving through a pedestrianised area before bursting into flames. A "suspect device" was found inside the truck.

Police have arrested a 39-year-old Uzbek man who was known to the Swedish security services, but had no known links to extremist groups. Raids were made by police at a number of properties over the weekend.

"Seven people have been brought in for questioning as a result of these events," Jonas Hysing, national head of police operations, told public broadcaster SVT. No further information was provided about the raids but Hysing said "the evidence looks very strong" that the Uzbek man was the driver of the truck, which had been hijacked, Reuters reported.

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