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Article created using google translate. Corrections and comments by us are in red just for ease of reading

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The campaign "A jewel of a refugee" has received considerable attention in recent days.



Comedian Lisa Barrel is one of those who want to give away one of their most valuable jewelry to the refugee issue. In January Denmark introduced a system which means that all refugees and asylum seekers who come to the country, must give up valuables worth more than 10,000 crowns.

The introduction is part of the neighboring country's tightening of immigration policy.

The valuables will be used to finance food and accommodation while their application is processed.

Many have had to give up jewelry and objects with sentimental value,(not true) as they have clung on through a long journey. Wedding rings are exempt from the rule.(true)


As a strong reaction on the neighboring country's austerity and our government proposals for stricter asylum policy, they created Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers (NOAS) a video last week.

Here we get to see famous people who are giving away jewelry that has great personal value to them and that explains why they do it. The Norwegian people have embraced the video that is now seen more than 400,000 times.(some have embraced it not all)

Link to video here

- The campaign is about using a piece of jewelry as a symbol of something that has personal value, and that you would give to someone in a difficult situation.

There is an expression that you see the difficulties that they have and that you want to show respect to it being on the run and leave everything, said Secretary General of NOAS, Ann-Magrit Austenå.

Jewelry (donated to) NOAS getting into will be auctioned off to raise money for their work for displaced people.

Giving away her son's jewelery

In addition, several familiar faces like Ane Dahl Torp and Sigrid Bonde Tusvik, also wants comedian Lisa Tønne donating a necklace that means a lot to her. (giving away their children's jewelry?)

- I've found a small and fine jewelry that means a lot to me and my family. It's my son, James, who was there when he was born. It is symbolic because it's my baby's, and so it's nice to be able to include him in this also, she tells TV2.

Silver necklace is a small bracelet his son's name is engraved. For Keg has been important to show children that they can do something to help.

Watch the interview with Lisa Barrel and Ann-Magrit Austenå here:

- I can talk to the kids so much I want this, but it is only when talk turns to action, then I think that they understand it in a completely different way.

Lisa Keg has engaged in refugee debate that has been ongoing in recent months and says she sees a frightening development among attitudes of many.

- I think it's awesome scary to see how we talk about people as a group, where one of removes faces completely. Many of the legislative proposals have come, yes it is not so far away a star in the passport, she says.

- We have good regulations (hmmm!)

Government and immigration and integration minister, Sylvi Listhaug, has lately received much criticism for the way it is being talked about refugees.(Sylvi is standing up for decent Norwegian people)

Austenå believe it is the government's responsibility to show that Norway has control (control of what?)

- The government will have to clearly demonstrate that we actually have a well-developed regulations, and do not use people who have come here even as a scare picture. (migrants are scary enough already so wake up dear)  One must discuss how to treat those who have come here and have a need for protection, not discuss whether they have a need for protection or not, says Austenå TV2.

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