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THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Geert Wilders, the Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker who is at the vanguard of a wave of European far-right populists aiming to take power at elections this year, is pushing ahead with his platform to “de-Islamisize” the Netherlands, despite lawyers saying it could breach the Dutch constitution.

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In an interview Thursday with The Associated Press, Wilders insisted that his plans, which include closing the country’s borders to asylum seekers and migrants from Islamic countries, shutting all mosques and banning the Quran, are legal.

And he hinted he could even seek to change the constitution, if necessary. Wilders says, “a constitution is not something that is (set) in stone and can never be changed.”

FITNA - Geert Wilders' Unedited Film from Jewish Pulse Radio on Vimeo.

Wilders’ Party is riding high in polls less than a month before parliamentary elections set for March 15.

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