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  • The girl, 16, identified as Sarah Z, appeared before a Paris anti-terrorist judge 
  • She is said to have met her ISIS-obsessed boyfriend called Thomas S online 
  • They were arrested at a flat in the southern city of Montpellier in France
  • The couple face years in prison after being caught with 71g of lethal explosives 

A teenage girl who converted to Islam is alleged to have plotted to blow up tourists around the Eiffel Tower after meeting her fanatic fiancé and pledging her loyalty to ISIS online.

Appearing before an anti-terrorist judge in Paris today, she was dentified only as Sarah Z, 16, and faces years in prison after being caught with 71g of potentially lethal explosives in her flat near Montpellier, in the South of France.

At dawn this morning the French youngster and her boyfriend - identified as Thomas S - were driven from the HQ of France's domestic intelligence services to a specially convened terrorist court in central Paris.

Armed officers set up roadblocks and secured the area, as the couple and a third suspect were presented to an instructing judge, who opened a judicial enquiry.


It follows the couple's arrests, along with two other men, last Friday in what was described as a 'bomb factory' cellar.

Sources close to the case said Sarah lived with her divorced mother, who is of Greek origin, and two younger sisters in Clapiers, a village north of Montpellier. 

Last year Sarah was still at school when she 'started to take an interest in radical Islam' by 'looking up information on the internet,' said one prosecuting source.

Sarah's unidentified mother was unable to prevent her meeting Thomas online.

He was on a state security watch list.

The pair converted to Islam, and soon agreed to marry, but what Sarah did not know was that another one of her online friends was in fact working for the DGSI, France's domestic intelligence agency - the equivalent of Britain's MI5. 

After she started boasting about the planned attack, the agent ordered a dawn raid on Sarah's apartment block.

It was carried out by heavily armed police special forces, who initially ended up arresting the couple alongside two other men. 

The 'bomb factory' was in the cellar, where Thomas had been staying. 

It included the 71 grams of the peroxide-based explosive triacetone triperoxide, or TATP. 

Also known as the 'Mother of Satan', TATP figured prominently in the suicide belts used in the 2015 ISIS attacks on Paris, in which 130 people were blown up or shot dead. 

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