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In the wake of the alleged sodomization with a baton of a French citizen, known only as the 22-year-old ‘Theo‘,  by a French police officer during a drug raid, violent protests have erupted all over the French capital’s suburbs near Bobigny, housing a majority immigrant population.

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37 people were arrested when some 2000 protesters took to the streets and started torching cars and destroying property.

Mezine, owner of a local supermarket said:

“They broke everything, they all ran away. The shop is 200,000 euros, at least. Everything, my whole investment is gone.”

The video above shows a compilation of last week’s violent protests. From 1:30 onwards, protesters can be heard chanting “Allah Akbar!” as they riot about.

The scenes are highly reminiscent of France’s 2014 riots which had a distinctly civil-war-like feel to it.

It’s no coincidence scenes like this tend to occur mostly in France. It has Europe’s largest Muslim population, both net and percentage-wise, combined with the continent’s most militantly secular constitution. Those are quite the ingredients indeed.


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