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A GUNMAN has opened fire in a Spanish supermarket while shouting "Allahu Akbar", police have said.

 1 Gunman shouting Allahu Akbar opens fire in Mercadona shop Spain 753006

The man was reportedly carrying gasoline and gunpowder in his pockets as he entered the Mercadona shop, in As Lagoas, Ourense.

Numerous shoppers were inside making their purchases when the assailant, who was armed with a shotgun, entered and fired several shots.

Supermarket employees said he fired at least six shots during the terrifying ordeal.

One employee said the man, who was standing just a few metres from him, yelled "Allahu Akbar", which translates to "God is greatest".

Police arrived at the scene to arrest the attacker.

One witness told local media: "Agents came out with a vest shouting and pushing the people."

Officer Carlos Perez, who was already at the supermarket, revealed he was fired at when he tried to stop the attack.

The 38-year-old revealed the attacker was only apprehended after his colleagues arrived.

Spain witnessTWITTER

A horrified witness is consoled outside the store


The incident took place in a Mercadona shop, in As Lagoas

He said: "I had the impression that he ran out of ammunition."

It is believed no shoppers were injured during the attack. 


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