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A 15-YEAR-OLD Syrian refugee has been brutally attacked and killed by a gang of fellow refugees, German media has claimed.

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PUBLISHED: 00:17, Mon, Jan 9, 2017

The boy sustained serious head injuries after reportedly being set upon by the gaggle of migrants in the Blumenthal district of Bremen.

The youngster was rushed to the Silvesternacht hospital where he was put into an artificial coma. The boy has since died from his injuries.

German police released very few details of the attack on Friday in a bid to not affect the criminal investigation.

But German media has claimed that the attackers were refugees, although this has not yet been confirmed by police.

It remains unclear as to how many people attacked the young Syrian boy.

Bremen police press office refused to answer any more details about the killing on Saturday.

Prosecutors in the city said the investigation was a high priority and that the force would be releasing more details about the attack in the coming week.

The tragic incident is the latest in a string of migrant-related crimes in Germany.

Angela Merkel has come under pressure for her open door immigration policy which has allowed more than one million migrants to enter Germany.

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