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A EUROSCEPTIC European politician has been fined after making a comment on his Facebook page following the Nice terror attack that “all terrorists are Muslims”.

1 Alexander Stubb with Finnish PM Sipila 777776

Alexander Stubb, right, chairman of the Finnish Finns party, alongisde, with the Finnish PM Sipila

By Aletha Adu, Jan 8th, 2017:

Shortly after the horrific attack on July 14, last year, Teuvo Hakkarainen, a Finnish MP who is notorious for his anti-Muslim and anti-immigration comments, was fined almost £1,000 (€1160) after he published an article in relation to the terrorist attacker Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel and made the comment which violated the Finnish law of “ethnic agitation”.

Within his Facebook post, Mr Hakkarainen said: “All Muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.”

A member of the populist and eurosceptic Finns Party, Mr Hakkarainen said he was completely unaware of the law – which was implemented in 2011 – but he accepted the verdict and the fine.
Since Finland’s district court in Jyvaskyla accused the Finnish MP of inciting ethnic agitation, he has continued to make anti-Muslim comments on Facebook.

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The Berlin Christmas Market terror attack launched by Anis Amri evoked Mr Hakkrainen to sarcastically say: “This is yet another indication of how much [Muslims] appreciate and respect the Western way of life.”

The Finns Party, maintains its eurosceptic stance by “supporting healthy national pride”, while opposing same-sex marriage,

adoption and large-scale immigration.According to a survey conducted by a national Finnish newspaper, Finnish people are

most concerned about unemployment, with only 30 per cent of them find refugees, asylum seekers and uncontrolled
immigration to be a problem.

Mr Hakkarainen is not the only Finns Party member to be condemned for making controversial statements about Muslims and

immigrants.Olli Sademies, a former deputy City Council member in Helsinki was fired from his senior position and censured on Facebook for

saying, all African men who move to Finland should be sterilised.
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