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While the rest of Europe takes all the headlines regarding immigration and the affect it has on the larger countries such as France and Germany, the usually quiet and proud Scandinavian country of Finland is suffering a lot more than the press would have you believe.

In central Finland the small town of Forssa is almost over-run with migrants mostly from muslim countries. 

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Just yesterday 15 asylum seekers beat up a young boy outside a local supermarket in Forssa (see photo) with metal bars and sticks and tensions are boiling over.


After the attack on the 15 year old boy local Finland guys advanced on the migrant reception centre .

Local guys from Forssa take up weapons and advance on the migrant centre after the attack.

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 They then surround a vehicle believed to contain migrants.

Police were able to calm the situation this time but it seems like the good people of Finland are ready to fight back and the muslim migrants need to beware the fury of Ukko

A recent report from Brussels admitted that three quarters of recent iraqi asylum seekers were economic migrants and a new ruling enabled Finland to reject up to 77% of new asylum claims.

This does not mean that Finland is in the clear,far from it.

The government of Finland has absolutely no idea how many illegal immigrants are currently inside it's borders with many thousands just dissapearing from reception centres.

NDL News will be live-streaming a demonstration by Finnish locals on this website from 5pm local time on 25/08/16

bookmark the website and check back later for the live-stream

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