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“Europe will be punished by [Turkish President] Recep Tayyip Erdogan with a new refugee wave,” said former Bulgarian constitutional judge Georgi Markov, speaking for Radio FOCUS on Thursday.


According to him, the Islamisation of Europe continues and the wrong policy of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande is already producing unfortunate results.

Markov noted he favoured the policy of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and the Visegrád Group, which Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, and the richest German state, Bavaria, tended to gravitate toward.

The former constitutional judge also commented on foreign media’s publications, which, he believes, very clearly show the countries’ attitude to migrants.

“Bill Clinton dared accuse the Prime Ministers of Poland and Hungary of being dictators as they stay clear of foreigners. There are some 26 million tourists in Hungary from all over the world in a year only,” Georgi Markov pointed out.

In his words, the two countries stay clear of terrorists and Islamists.

“There is no refugee wave; there is an invasion of peoples and none of these claiming to be refugees went to border checkpoints but violated the sovereignty of countries,” Markov was explicit.

He said further there would be a new refugee wave next year.

“The question is how Bulgaria will protect itself,” Markov noted.

In his view, the presidential candidates should speak about Christian values and sovereignty.

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