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The BBC is going to show a documentary on changing attitudes towards immigrants in Newham.

‘Last Whites of the East End’, which will be broadcast on BBC One, will take a stark look at people’s attitudes to residents of other races in the east London borough.

While gentrification, rising house prices, a lack of affordable social housing and rising in-work poverty drive people further out of the capital and ravage the city, some in this documentary have focused their dislike on the area’s increased diversity.
Many reports have since implied this shows an irreversible, undesirable change in the area – that some intangible quality is being lost.
But what does this show really reveal?

What did people say about immigration?
The show focuses on immigration in Newham over the last 15 years, and claims people feel ‘like foreigners in their own land’ as ‘Cockney culture disappears’.
Er... Where and what is Newham?
Newham is an east London borough, and one of the country’s poorest areas.
It is in the worst four boroughs of inequality, homelessness, unemployment and in-work poverty.
However, it is in the top 16 boroughs for its quality of education.
It is one of the most multicultural places in the UK – a total of 147 languages are spoken across the borough.
Many of the people they spoke to appeared to put this down to the borough’s diversity – rather than the gentrification, lack of affordable housing and in-work poverty that is making the city unlivable for many others.
A young mum called Leanne, for example, has decided to move to Essex to be among her ‘own people’ – to the chagrin of her family, who remain in the area.
And Peter Bell, the secretary at East Ham Working Men’s Club, described the borough as ‘a slum’.
‘I mean no disrespect to the Muslim community,’ he told MailOnline, ‘but I don’t think they want to be part of the traditions here.’

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