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The number of migrants who are suspected of having committed crimes in Germany has increased by 52.7 percent in 2016, a report issued on Monday by the German Interior Ministry said.

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BERLIN (Sputnik) — A total of 174,438 migrants are under investigation, which is over 8 percent of all people suspected of having committed crimes in Germany, according to the report.

More than 30,000 of them arrived in Germany from Syria, over 17,000 from Afghanistan and over 12,000 from Iraq.

At the same time 4.3 percent of victims of crimes in Germany are migrants, with one in 10 people killed in the country being a migrant.


In 2015, Germany declared an open-door refugee policy, becoming one of the key destinations for migrants coming to Europe from the Middle East and North Africa. According to the country's Interior Ministry, the number of refugees that came to Germany in 2016 amounted to some 280,000, compared to 890,000 arrivals in 2015. The majority of asylum seekers arriving in Germany are from Syria or Afghanistan.

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France’s far-left failed to get its ‘Bernie Sanders’ elected. The far-right could be the winner.

Paris police arrest knife-wielding Muslim at Gare du Nord Airport

Jehovah's Witnesses banned in Russia as court declares it 'extremist'


PARIS — When far-leftist candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon failed to advance into the second round of the French election Sunday night, his supporters did not only bemoan the defeat of their Bernie Sanders. They also had to accept that their project to radically change French democracy seemed to have failed.

At least for now.

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Four hours after exit polls first indicated that Mélenchon would not make it, shattered groups of supporters were still sipping their beers in a bar near the Gare du Nord train station where the politician had planned to celebrate his victory.

“Resistance,” some of them shouted and the prevailing sentiment there was one of defiance — against far-right candidate Marine Le Pen but also, and perhaps more surprisingly, against centrist Emmanuel Macron. Sunday night, Mélenchon was the only leading candidate who refrained from urging his supporters to vote for Macron in the second round.

It is a message which appears to have resonated well among his supporters. Many of them said they would either stay at home during the second round or submit a blank vote. “Our goal is to change the way our democracy works,” said 19-year-old Parisian Zoea Brahams.  Full Story

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Paris police arrest knife-wielding Muslim at Gare du Nord Airport

Bill Gates: Migrants Could Cause Deadly Pandemic To Sweep Through Europe

Jehovah's Witnesses banned in Russia as court declares it 'extremist'


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  • Passengers flee in panic as knife-wielding man is tackled by police at Paris’ Gare du Nord
  • Eurostar terminal just days after terror attack rocked France
  • The man was alerted to police after walking into the station with the blade
  • He was arrested immediately and nobody is reported as being injured
  • It comes a day before France votes in the first round ofits presidential election

By Paddy Dinham For Mailonline and Dave Burke For Mailonline and Nick Fagge In Paris For Mailonline, 22 April 2017

Panicked passengers fled in terror as a knifeman was arrested at Paris’ Gare du Nord station just a day before the French presidential vote.

The drama happened on a day of unrest in the French capital, during which police released tear gas after being pelted with flares and other makeshift weapons in a pre-election riot.

Footage of the station arrest shows armed police surround the man, who was restrained on the ground.

Panicked passengers abandoned their luggage as they fled, and boarding of Eurostar services was briefly suspended this afternoon. Police sources say the arrested man is a 20-year-old from Mali.

Tensions are high across France following Thursday night’s ISIS-inspired assassination of police officer Xavier Jugele by fanatic Karim Cheurfi at the Champs Elysee.

Today masked protesters hurled bottles and stones at legions of officers who flooded central Paris following the killing. A 200-strong mob hijacked a peaceful rally organised by left-wing unions and communists.

Voters will go to the polls tomorrow in the first round of the country’s presidential election.
Describing the incident at Gare de Nord, a French police official said that a man carrying a knife walked into the station and was flagged to officers, who arrested him immediately before anyone could be harmed.

French TV network BFMTV reports that the man did not resist arrest, and a police source said he claimed he was carrying the knife because he was afraid for his life. He was not previously known to police.

Another police source added that the arrest caused a ‘panic movement’ with a number of travellers abandoning their luggage in the middle of the station.

One police source said that some people saw the man, a 20-year-old Malian, ‘inside the station, knife in hand’ and pointed him out to police, who detained him.

The station was briefly closed before reopening around 4pm. Boarding for Eurostar trains to London was also suspended for a short time, according to an AFP journalist at the scene.

BILL Gates is trying to strong-arm Britain into continuing its foreign aid payments by claiming increasing numbers of migrants will travel into the country if cuts are made.

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The Microsoft founder said he thinks stopping foreign aid could lead to a pandemic spreading from Africa to Europe, killing around 10 million people in the process.

He thinks that the frantic rush to avoid the murderous disease, which he believes will transmit faster than ebola, would lead to mass immigration as people desperately flee their homeland.

Mr Gates told The Spectator: “If people aren’t worried about pandemics coming to Britain then they should be.

“Diseases will come out of Africa that transmit far more effectively than Ebola, so these countries need to have basic health systems to contain whatever new pathogens come along. That is important in terms of security.

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Bill Gates founded Microsoft and is worth an estimated £86 billion

Bill Gates pandemic MicrosoftGETTY

Mr Gates is worries something worse than ebola will kill millions

“If you asked what in the world is most likely to jump out and kill an extra 10 million people, it is absolutely a pandemic.

“The kind of surveillance and ability to respond that we have through our aid budgets means that we ought to be able to stop these diseases before they spread back to the UK or the US.”

He claims people do get value for their money when Britain forks out more than £12billion in aid handouts every year.

He added: “In the case of the UK Government, aid is under 2 per cent of the budget — it’s 0.7 per cent of GDP, and applied in places where the interventions are at least a hundred times more effective than anything you’d do domestically.  SOURCE

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Update: Suspect Shot Dead After Terror Attack In France - 1 Policeman Dead Another Injured

Jehovah's Witnesses banned in Russia as court declares it 'extremist'

Poland follows Hungary’s footsteps in caging migrants

PARIS, France --Paris police are warning people to avoid the area around the French capital's grand Champs-Elysees.

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French media are reporting that two police officers were shot Thursday on the famed shopping boulevard.

The assailant was killed but has not been publicly identified, a police spokesperson said.

Many police vehicles can be seen on the avenue that passes many of the city's most iconic landmarks.

A witness identified only as Ines told French television station BFM that she heard a shooting, saw a man's body on the ground and the area was quickly evacuated by police

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