Austria admits to losing over 10,000 asylum seekers
16 Jan 2017 19:00

THE Austrian government has lost track of more than 10,000 asylum seekers, new figures revealed toda [ ... ]

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Bikers For Trump will form 'Wall Of Meat' as security at Donald Trump's inauguration
16 Jan 2017 14:29

A motorcycle group called "Bikers for Trump" is ready to be responsible for the security during the  [ ... ]

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Somali migrants try to STORM into Italian government office during violent protest
15 Jan 2017 19:10

FURIOUS migrants clashed with police and staged chaotic protest in front of the local government's o [ ... ]

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Pope Francis Urges Immigrants to Respect ‘Local Laws and Customs’
15 Jan 2017 18:23

Pope Francis has once again weighed in on Europe’s migrant crisis, urging immigrants to respect lo [ ... ]

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Sick Muslim migrant gang that broke girl's jaw accused of REGULAR 'Sharia patrol' attacks
15 Jan 2017 09:11

THE ringleader of the migrant gang – who are accused of breaking the jaw of a helpless 15-year-old [ ... ]

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Sweden: Migrants Jailed After Woman Abducted At Gunpoint, Gang-Raped In Hookah Bar Basement
15 Jan 2017 08:50

Two of seven suspects in a case of abduction and violent sexual assault have been jailed for four ye [ ... ]

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Austria’s Freedom party calls for law banning ‘political Islam’ over its ‘fascist worldview’...
15 Jan 2017 08:19


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Police seize 155 Kg of explosives and arrest two men In Germany
14 Jan 2017 10:27

GERMAN police have detained two men suspected of having links to a terror group after seizing 155kg  [ ... ]

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Hungary To Automatically Detain Illegal Migrants; Prepares For Showdown With EU
14 Jan 2017 09:29

Hungary will detain all illegal migrants until their asylum applications have been processed, s [ ... ]

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Australian Child bride forced to wed was 'RAPED by muslim after the ceremony' - as Imam is charged w...
13 Jan 2017 18:04

A child bride was raped the day after she was forced into marrying her 34-year-old Islamic husband,  [ ... ]

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African Migrant Sentenced to only 3 years prison for Rape of 15-Year-Old Girl
13 Jan 2017 15:28

A 24-year-old Ghanian asylum seeker has been sentenced to three years and two months in prison after [ ... ]

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Brussels police forced to take Islam lessons to foster 'respectful relations with Muslims'
13 Jan 2017 14:52

BRUSSELS police will be forced to take lessons on Islam to help foster “respectful relations with  [ ... ]

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'Everyone will become Muslim because of our own stupidity': Catholic leader says
13 Jan 2017 11:42

An important figure in the Catholic church has warned that everyone in Italy will 'soon be Musl [ ... ]

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First wave of Hungary's 'border hunters' prepares to push back refugees
13 Jan 2017 09:40

Hungary stuck to its promise of protecting the nation against a flood of refugees by swear [ ... ]

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Man who told a Muslim to ‘go eat bacon’ charged with racism
12 Jan 2017 18:46

A man who told a Muslim convert to ‘eat bacon’ has admitted a racially and religiously offensive [ ... ]

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Syrian Refugees Open Hookah Shop, Cops Discover Sick ‘Secret’ In Basement
12 Jan 2017 16:57

After a pair of Syrian men were taken in as refugees, liberal volunteers helped them open their own  [ ... ]

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