Migrants attack guards ‘with iron bars and knives’ in shock incident at refugee shelter
26 Feb 2017 13:21

SHOCKING footage filmed at a refugee shelter in Germany appears to show a group of armed migrants at [ ... ]

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Anti-Muslim march erupts into VIOLENT clash as left-wing thugs attack patriot protest
26 Feb 2017 12:22

THREE men have been arrested after a Britain First march erupted into a violent clash with anti-fa [ ... ]

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Dozens of migrants fight with police after trying to get onto UK-bound lorries in Calais
25 Feb 2017 15:24

French police were forced to draft in the canine unit on Thursday night after a group of 30 migrants [ ... ]

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2 Refugee Centres In Germany Go Up In Flames - Arson Suspected (VIDEO)
25 Feb 2017 14:39

Two refugee facilities located in separate parts of Germany caught fire throughout the course of one [ ... ]

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24 Feb 2017 13:35

Sweden is the rape capital of the Western world. The general public is unaware of the epidemic o [ ... ]

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Danish man who videoed himself burning the Quran charged with blasphemy
23 Feb 2017 14:12

Danish man who posed a video of himself setting fire to the Quran on Facebook  [ ... ]

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Teacher, 28, ‘Gang Raped By 9 Iraqi Immigrants In Vienna Attack’
23 Feb 2017 12:01

A court in Austria has heard that nine Iraqi immigrants gang raped a teacher during New Year’s Eve [ ... ]

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Germany's Bavaria to ban full-face veil
22 Feb 2017 12:43

The German state of Bavaria has announced plans to ban the full-face veil in government workplaces,  [ ... ]

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Riots Break Out In Sweden 2 DAYS After Media Blasts Trump For Suggesting There’s A Problem [VIDEO]
21 Feb 2017 17:09

Riots, including cars set alight, stones thrown, and warning shots fired by police, broke out in t [ ... ]

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Chinese police to track cars in Islamist terror crackdown
21 Feb 2017 13:10

Chinese authorities in part of the western Xinjiang region have ordered all vehicles to be installed [ ... ]

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Marine Le Pen Refuses To Wear Hijab On Lebanon Trip - Cancels Visit With Grand Mufti
21 Feb 2017 12:10

Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front in France, is currently in Lebanon. Today she was to mee [ ... ]

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“I am Muslim, Too” Dhimmis and Useful Idiots Protest In USA
21 Feb 2017 00:31

Sadly, these evil clowns never stand with the millions of victims of jihad slaughter, creed aparthei [ ... ]

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Shock pictures show right-wing protesters being brutally attacked by far-left 'anti-fascists'
20 Feb 2017 23:59

PROTESTERS clashed with riot police during a row over refugee children attending a Greek primary sch [ ... ]

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Nigel Farage: 'Malmo Is Now The Rape Capital Of Europe'
20 Feb 2017 23:19

Nigel Farage passionately defends President Trump's allegations that immigration in Sweden is someth [ ... ]

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Canada in panic over ‘criminal’ refugees flooding across US border: ‘It’s about to blow’
20 Feb 2017 22:28

TERRIFIED Canadians are living in fear of “confrontations” with “criminals” among hordes o [ ... ]

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Finland: Former Foreign Affairs Officer to Muslims: ‘I lived in your country for 10-years – you are ...
20 Feb 2017 16:19

Michel Paulat is a former Foreign Affairs Office for Finland. Calling them cowards, stupid, and wort [ ... ]

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